Stucco Chimney Problems

Stucco Chimney Problems

Stucco Chimney Problems

Stucco or render is a type of material that is used as a binder which later hardens to create a strong dense solidifying agent. It’s made out of an aggregate, a binder and water. Stucco is known for its use as coating walls, ceilings and chimneys. They are also used in making sculptures and in artistic works commonly in architecture. It is often used as a cover up for surfaces that aren’t generally appealing or smoothened out evenly like concrete, clay bricks, cinder blocks and other similar types of materials. It is one of the strongest agents used by homeowners and contractors alike since it creates a strong binding of materials while also providing a smooth and beautiful finish. A common structure in which stucco if applied is a chimney but despite stucco’s strengths, there are still flaws that the material has. What are the common problems associated with stucco chimneys?

Moisture Problems

The primary problem with stucco chimneys is moisture. There are times that water will leak out of the openings at the top of the chimney if left unattended. This will leave your chimney damp and susceptible for additional damage. A good way to go around this is by applying a chimney cap. A chimney cap can cover the top portion of your chimney. This prevents water from leaking into the openings on top of the chimney. If not, water can seep in and probably enter into the other parts of your home like the ceiling and do additional damage.


Missing Chimney Kickouts

Kickouts, kickout flashing or diverter flashing is a type of flashing that redirect the flow of rainwater away from the clad of the chimney and diverts it towards the gutter for effective draining. It provides an excellent form of protection against rainwater penetrating the stucco buildup of your chimney and seep into the surface of your home. When installed properly, it’s a good way of protecting your home from moisture. However, stucco chimneys may have missing kickouts. This is the case when the roof slopes towards the direction of the chimney and terminates halfway.

Improper Stucco Application on Chimney Cap

When stucco is incorrectly applied on top of the chimney to be used as a seal for a cap, it defeats the purpose of its use. Make sure the surface is evened out and a proper chimney cap is applied to ensure that warranty can cover in any case damage occurs with stucco. Discover more……

Stopping Hair Loss

Stopping Hair Loss

Stopping Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a troublesome ordeal for just about any person. This is even worsened for women since they are the ones who usually invest months and up to even years to grow out their hair into beautiful and silky proportions that would later be considered their assets. With hair loss, it kills all that excitement and wonder in growing ones hair. There are a lot of things that can contribute to the loss of hair. However, there are measures that you can take to prevent hair loss. What are these measures? Here are a few of the lifestyle changes that you can do to prevent hair loss.

Hair Hygiene

If you want your hair to be healthy and stop hair from breaking off, you need to wash your hair and keep it clean on a regular basis. If you leave dust and dirt to dwell on your scalp, chances are that bacteria and other microorganisms will develop on your scalp and can interfere with the healthy growth of the hair, weaken the structure of the hair by making it brittle and easily breakable or even interfering with the production of the natural oil of the scalp or sebum which keeps the hair moist and silky.

Manage Stress

Stress is a common denominator when it comes to health problems. This is because it brings about a myriad of effects on the different body systems. Just one of those many effects of stress is hair loss. Studies have shown that stress is a common factor among those who have experienced hair loss. If you want to prevent hair loss or at least minimize it, you have to manage stress in a healthy manner. Take part in relaxation techniques like meditation, tai chi or aroma therapy. Take short breaks during the day especially if you’ve been working for extended periods.

What You Eat

Getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals is important if you want to prevent hair loss. You have to get your share of Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, iron, zinc and all the other minerals that aid in the promotion of healthy hair growth. You also have to get your supply of calories as the body needs enough calories for nourishment and better growth of hair that’s stronger, shinier and younger-looking. If you don’t eat properly, your hair ends up being brittle and weak which is more prone to hair fall.

Scalp Massage

It may sound simple but massaging your scalp brings a lot of benefits to prevent hair loss. Massaging the scalp promotes better circulation and this in turn results into more nourishment of the scalp since there’s increased blood flow and delivery of oxygen. This also results in the growth of healthier, stronger and shinier hair because of all the nutrients it has been receiving.


Take Care of Your Hair

While it is a must to keep your hair clean, always remember to be gentle when it comes to handling your hair. It isn’t advisable to dry your hair vigorously with a towel after a bath. Instead, allow it to air dry for a few minutes and gently dry it.

Control the Cosmetics and Hair Products

While there are a lot of cosmetic products and hair solutions that you can use to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss, using too much isn’t a healthy thing for your hair. Regardless of their contents, they are still chemical compounds and using too much of them will result in your hair being strained and later becoming brittle and more easily breakable. Use only a limited number of products on your hair and don’t overuse them to the point that you just depend on these products. Keeping the hair healthy is more than just using these products.

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Stone Chimney Problems

Stone Chimney Problems

Stone Chimney Problems

Stone chimneys go way back several years since their use. Standing tall and usually made out of masonry and bricks, they are intricately designed and built with finesse and delicacy to ensure that they’re sculpted to perfection. They’re a popular option even until now for many households. Not only do they provide a sturdy structure for your fireplace, they also act as a beautiful structure for your home. However, though stone chimneys make a great addition to your home and serve as a good outlet for your fireplace to let out fumes, it still has its flaws and disadvantages with the use of stone chimneys. Here are a few of the problems usually encountered with the use of stone chimneys in households.

Doesn’t Allow Hanging Decorations

Because of their hard surface, stone chimneys don’t allow hanging of pictures, decorations or other ornaments that require you hanging it up a nail. Trying to bore a hole or hammer a nail through a stone masonry is impossible as it may only do more damage than good since the stone can crack or break apart in the process. It can be bothersome not being able to hang things on it because of its surface. This results in leaving you with limited options when you’re designing the interior of your home since you can’t really add design or accessories to the fireplace surface since you’re chimney is made of stone.


Collects a Lot of Dust

Another problem with stone chimneys is that they collect a lot of dust in the cracks and crevices of the bricks. This makes them harder to clean when compared to the other types of chimneys. They easily trap dust and other household dirt which can be troublesome to take care of since you’ll be cleaning more often. Diligent cleaning is required in managing a stone chimney. You can use cleansing agents in cleaning up the surface as dirt that has been left alone for quite some time can stick, especially in the spaces between the bricks.


A big problem with stone chimneys is that they can become loose or worse, dislodge and can even cause a significant degree of damage in your home. This is also apparent in tall stone chimneys as they tend to bend after a few years. Though it might not be a big deal at first, this becomes a hazard for you and your family with the risk of it collapsing entirely.

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Dronfield And The Beautiful North Derbyshire Countryside

Dronfield And The Beautiful North Derbyshire Countryside

May I extend a particular welcome to those who are not residents of Dronfield and have come to visit our Town and enjoy our beautiful countryside.

The Town of Dronfield comprises Dronfield, Dronfield Woodhouse and Coal Aston. It is completely encircled by “green belt” countryside and is situated in the eastern foothills of the Pennines. It is only three miles distant from The Peak District National Park.

The Township has some light industry but is primarily a residential area having a population of 23,000. The centre of the Town retains its ancient character with many fine old buildings of historic interest, including the splendid early Gothic Church which was founded in the 1100s.


The route of the 14.5 miles Rotary Walk is clearly waymarked in both directions. Walkers may feel challenged to complete the full walk which is relatively strenuous, having ascents totalling 1,500 feet. Alternatively, shorter sections, perhaps linking up with the 26 footpaths which are shown on the map overleaf, may be selected.

The mathematician will tell us that 650 routes of differing lengths and severity to suit the stroller or the serious walker are possible…. So come on folks .. there is no healthier form of exercise …. those boots really are made for walking. Click here..

Ted Thomas
Chairman, Dronfield 2000 Rotary Walks Society…

Rounds Four and Five of the European Monster Truck Racing Championship

Rounds Four and Five of the European Monster Truck Racing Championship

Back to TIR Prince four round four of the European PROMT Racing Championship and its all action from the ever-improving Euro monster trucks.
Tim Barks, fresh from a home win only weeks before came to this event as hot favourite. His new tyres working so very well on the longish grass of the excellent TIR Prince venue. The MTR Promotions team, headed by Ian Batey had once again laid out a long but very exciting track with a twist. Instead of his favoured J shape track builder Ian had installed a novel lollypop shaped course. Which has the drivers leaving the start line to encounter a speed bump, then a set of 6 cars (long for Europe) and on to a 180-degree turn at the top of the course, and then back over the same cars for the return trip.

This meant that the turn at the top was critical to racing success. The qualifying, and heat races had set up a most intriguing final between last weeks winner Tim in Thunderfoot and Nigel in BIGFOOT #17, but their race had to wait until the third and fourth positions had been decided.

This saw Ian Batey and Tony Dixon racing for pride and valuable championship points. Tony was away first and over the cars in a flail of broken glass and metal, so Swamp Thing made it to the turn first, but for once it was wild man Ian Batey who made the better turn and as both trucks put the hammer down it was Lil Devil driver Ian who got his truck straight first and crossed the line for the win.

As mentioned previously the final race of the day would be between archrivals and great friends Nigel Morris and Tim barks. These two drivers and trucks are so evenly matched that it is always hard to call a winner in advance, but with Tim’s win the week before he had to be pre race favourite. Only digital timing equipment could have separated the two trucks at the first turn, it really was that close, but for once Nigel in BIGFOOT got a better turn than Tim and powered home for an important race win.

Swafham is a new venue to this years racing tour. Being what the Americans would call a motor speedway, it offers a safe and spectacular viewing experience for the hordes of fans, which now follow the European Championship to every venue.

Slightly tighter for space that the very enjoyable TIR Prince Swafham once again utilised Ian Batey’s patented lollypop course. Half of each racing course was on the black top of the motor racing track and the return trip and corner were on grass. This made truck set up all the harder. Perhaps too hard for some as Nigel in BIGFOOT #17 succumbed to a blown planetary gear set in only the first round of racing.


None of the other drivers or trucks seemed to find a problem with a lack, nor excess of traction, which is suspected to have been the big blue trucks downfall.

The qualifying and heats had once again sorted the trucks into their racing order, and the race for third and fourth was to be between Swamp Thing and Hulk. Hulk making somewhat of a comeback after recent supercharger hassles. It was close at the turn, but perhaps Drew lack of recent rack seat time caused him to miss judge the turn handing Tony an easy third place position.

The final for a second event in a row was full of intrigue. Tim and Thunderfoot against the man he credits as his instructor in the art of monster truck driving Ian Batey. So we had pupil vs. master, on the start line side by side for the first time ever in a racing final.

Perhaps it was race nerves, or the thought of racing his tutor, but Tim just missed making a killer turn with a little too much power a little too soon, Ian’s experience came to the fore as he kept his composure and powered Lil Devil home for its first (but surely not last) win of the year.  Discover more……

Round Six of the European Monster Truck Racing Championship

Round Six of the European Monster Truck Racing Championship

Wow! Can it get any better than this?

How close would you like the points to be with just two events to go??

Skegness, is now not a track that holds fond memories for the BIGFOOT #17 team. With Tim Barks and Thunderfoot yet again a no show, team BIGFOOT could have been excused for thinking that some of the pressure had been lifted on their performance for this round of the PROMT Championship. Not so!!

Driver Nigel Morris struggled with the truck all day long, suffering with both shock, and traction problems on the tarmac-racing surface.

Sensing the 2003 champ was in trouble; Lil devil, Swamp Thing and even team truck Hulk went into overdrive. Lil devil made it a clean sweep in the heats running straight to the final without dropping as single race. The less than charitable members of the MTR Promotions team commented that it was strange that as Ian had had trouble all year with the turning courses. Skegness was a straight-line course!!


Drew Thornton who if he has had any luck at all this year it has been bad luck, finally showed what he can do if the equipment will let him. Running the newly re-vamped Hulk into second place on the day via a closely fought fight with Lil Devil in the final race of the day.

Tony in Swamp Thing, just plain drove the wheels off it in the race with BIGFOOT #17 for the lower order points, flat footing to a good win. Only later in the day did it become clear that BIGFOOT had suffered a rear differential failure. No excuses, but with the points this close, who knows what will happen next week at Paddock Wood in Kent? Read more..…

How To Get To The Dronfield 2000 Rotary Walk

How To Get To The Dronfield 2000 Rotary Walk

By Bus

Information on detailed bus timetables may be obtained from the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive. Telephone: (01709) 515151 or visit their website at

By Train

There are regular trains to Dronfield Station which is 1¼ miles from the start of the walk.

By Car

The B6057 provides direct access to The Walk at Bowshaw to the north of Dronfield and at Unstone to the south of the Town. The B6054 provides direct access at Holmesfield and at Mickley, to the west of Dronfield. The B6056 passes through Coal Aston.



A very large lay-by on the B6057 between Dronfield and Unstone is recommended for larger parties. Additionally, there is limited parking at the points indicated on the map and some parking is available behind The Angel Inn, by courtesy of the Holmesfield Parish Church.

The following public houses may also be approached for the provision of parking and/or refreshments:-

Coal AstonThe Yew Tree 01246 412846
The Chequers 01246 412342
The Cross Daggers 01246 412728
The Royal Oak 01246 413530
HolmesfieldThe Horns 0114 289 0345
The George and Dragon 0114 289 0304
The Angel Inn 0114 289 0336
Dronfield WoodhouseThe Talbot Arms 01246 413963
The Hearty Oak 0114 289 0210
DronfieldThe Bridge 01246 414517
Coach and Horses 01246 413269
ApperknowleThe Travellers Rest 01246 414363

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