Stucco Chimney Problems

Stucco or render is a type of material that is used as a binder which later hardens to create a strong dense solidifying agent. It’s made out of an aggregate, a binder and water. Stucco is known for its use as coating walls, ceilings and chimneys. They are also used in making sculptures and in artistic works commonly in architecture. It is often used as a cover up for surfaces that aren’t generally appealing or smoothened out evenly like concrete, clay bricks, cinder blocks and other similar types of materials. It is one of the strongest agents used by homeowners and contractors alike since it creates a strong binding of materials while also providing a smooth and beautiful finish. A common structure in which stucco if applied is a chimney but despite stucco’s strengths, there are still flaws that the material has. What are the common problems associated with stucco chimneys?

Moisture Problems

The primary problem with stucco chimneys is moisture. There are times that water will leak out of the openings at the top of the chimney if left unattended. This will leave your chimney damp and susceptible for additional damage. A good way to go around this is by applying a chimney cap. A chimney cap can cover the top portion of your chimney. This prevents water from leaking into the openings on top of the chimney. If not, water can seep in and probably enter into the other parts of your home like the ceiling and do additional damage.


Missing Chimney Kickouts

Kickouts, kickout flashing or diverter flashing is a type of flashing that redirect the flow of rainwater away from the clad of the chimney and diverts it towards the gutter for effective draining. It provides an excellent form of protection against rainwater penetrating the stucco buildup of your chimney and seep into the surface of your home. When installed properly, it’s a good way of protecting your home from moisture. However, stucco chimneys may have missing kickouts. This is the case when the roof slopes towards the direction of the chimney and terminates halfway.

Improper Stucco Application on Chimney Cap

When stucco is incorrectly applied on top of the chimney to be used as a seal for a cap, it defeats the purpose of its use. Make sure the surface is evened out and a proper chimney cap is applied to ensure that warranty can cover in any case damage occurs with stucco. Discover more