Stopping Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a troublesome ordeal for just about any person. This is even worsened for women since they are the ones who usually invest months and up to even years to grow out their hair into beautiful and silky proportions that would later be considered their assets. With hair loss, it kills all that excitement and wonder in growing ones hair. There are a lot of things that can contribute to the loss of hair. However, there are measures that you can take to prevent hair loss. What are these measures? Here are a few of the lifestyle changes that you can do to prevent hair loss.

Hair Hygiene

If you want your hair to be healthy and stop hair from breaking off, you need to wash your hair and keep it clean on a regular basis. If you leave dust and dirt to dwell on your scalp, chances are that bacteria and other microorganisms will develop on your scalp and can interfere with the healthy growth of the hair, weaken the structure of the hair by making it brittle and easily breakable or even interfering with the production of the natural oil of the scalp or sebum which keeps the hair moist and silky.

Manage Stress

Stress is a common denominator when it comes to health problems. This is because it brings about a myriad of effects on the different body systems. Just one of those many effects of stress is hair loss. Studies have shown that stress is a common factor among those who have experienced hair loss. If you want to prevent hair loss or at least minimize it, you have to manage stress in a healthy manner. Take part in relaxation techniques like meditation, tai chi or aroma therapy. Take short breaks during the day especially if you’ve been working for extended periods.

What You Eat

Getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals is important if you want to prevent hair loss. You have to get your share of Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, iron, zinc and all the other minerals that aid in the promotion of healthy hair growth. You also have to get your supply of calories as the body needs enough calories for nourishment and better growth of hair that’s stronger, shinier and younger-looking. If you don’t eat properly, your hair ends up being brittle and weak which is more prone to hair fall.

Scalp Massage

It may sound simple but massaging your scalp brings a lot of benefits to prevent hair loss. Massaging the scalp promotes better circulation and this in turn results into more nourishment of the scalp since there’s increased blood flow and delivery of oxygen. This also results in the growth of healthier, stronger and shinier hair because of all the nutrients it has been receiving.


Take Care of Your Hair

While it is a must to keep your hair clean, always remember to be gentle when it comes to handling your hair. It isn’t advisable to dry your hair vigorously with a towel after a bath. Instead, allow it to air dry for a few minutes and gently dry it.

Control the Cosmetics and Hair Products

While there are a lot of cosmetic products and hair solutions that you can use to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss, using too much isn’t a healthy thing for your hair. Regardless of their contents, they are still chemical compounds and using too much of them will result in your hair being strained and later becoming brittle and more easily breakable. Use only a limited number of products on your hair and don’t overuse them to the point that you just depend on these products. Keeping the hair healthy is more than just using these products.

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