Stone Chimney Problems

Stone chimneys go way back several years since their use. Standing tall and usually made out of masonry and bricks, they are intricately designed and built with finesse and delicacy to ensure that they’re sculpted to perfection. They’re a popular option even until now for many households. Not only do they provide a sturdy structure for your fireplace, they also act as a beautiful structure for your home. However, though stone chimneys make a great addition to your home and serve as a good outlet for your fireplace to let out fumes, it still has its flaws and disadvantages with the use of stone chimneys. Here are a few of the problems usually encountered with the use of stone chimneys in households.

Doesn’t Allow Hanging Decorations

Because of their hard surface, stone chimneys don’t allow hanging of pictures, decorations or other ornaments that require you hanging it up a nail. Trying to bore a hole or hammer a nail through a stone masonry is impossible as it may only do more damage than good since the stone can crack or break apart in the process. It can be bothersome not being able to hang things on it because of its surface. This results in leaving you with limited options when you’re designing the interior of your home since you can’t really add design or accessories to the fireplace surface since you’re chimney is made of stone.


Collects a Lot of Dust

Another problem with stone chimneys is that they collect a lot of dust in the cracks and crevices of the bricks. This makes them harder to clean when compared to the other types of chimneys. They easily trap dust and other household dirt which can be troublesome to take care of since you’ll be cleaning more often. Diligent cleaning is required in managing a stone chimney. You can use cleansing agents in cleaning up the surface as dirt that has been left alone for quite some time can stick, especially in the spaces between the bricks.


A big problem with stone chimneys is that they can become loose or worse, dislodge and can even cause a significant degree of damage in your home. This is also apparent in tall stone chimneys as they tend to bend after a few years. Though it might not be a big deal at first, this becomes a hazard for you and your family with the risk of it collapsing entirely.

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