Wow! Can it get any better than this?

How close would you like the points to be with just two events to go??

Skegness, is now not a track that holds fond memories for the BIGFOOT #17 team. With Tim Barks and Thunderfoot yet again a no show, team BIGFOOT could have been excused for thinking that some of the pressure had been lifted on their performance for this round of the PROMT Championship. Not so!!

Driver Nigel Morris struggled with the truck all day long, suffering with both shock, and traction problems on the tarmac-racing surface.

Sensing the 2003 champ was in trouble; Lil devil, Swamp Thing and even team truck Hulk went into overdrive. Lil devil made it a clean sweep in the heats running straight to the final without dropping as single race. The less than charitable members of the MTR Promotions team commented that it was strange that as Ian had had trouble all year with the turning courses. Skegness was a straight-line course!!


Drew Thornton who if he has had any luck at all this year it has been bad luck, finally showed what he can do if the equipment will let him. Running the newly re-vamped Hulk into second place on the day via a closely fought fight with Lil Devil in the final race of the day.

Tony in Swamp Thing, just plain drove the wheels off it in the race with BIGFOOT #17 for the lower order points, flat footing to a good win. Only later in the day did it become clear that BIGFOOT had suffered a rear differential failure. No excuses, but with the points this close, who knows what will happen next week at Paddock Wood in Kent? Read more..