Warning Signs of Heart disease Is Your Worst Enemy

Snoring, bleeding gum and cough are common problem believed to be a minor health issue. Thus, it is not uncommon for people to ignore them. Yet, these problems that seem insignificant could be a pointer to a faulty heart. Most times, heart issues do not come with a clear signal. The lean belly program review explains this better The lean belly breakthrough

Hardly will one experience a chest discomfort followed by a sudden fall. This is what the Hollywood has made us believed over time. It is important to note that warning signs of heart problem might not even happen in the chest. Thus, here are some signals that a heart problem is imminent.

  • You Get Very Tired after Familiar Task

Difficulty in keeping up with a task you had no problem with in the past is a call for concern. For instance, panting after going up the stairs could signify an issue with your heart.

However, the best call of action is to have an appointment with your doctor right away. Although this change is a minute, one should not ignore it. This symptom is common in women. This usually comes in the form of extreme fatigue and unexplained weakness. When this persist, it could be a pointer to a faulty heart.

  • Extreme Snoring

It is very normal to snore while sleeping. The kind of snoring I mean is the gentle rhythmic one that forms a pleasant pattern to the ears. But sometimes, snoring can get very loud which sounds like gasping. This is a call for concern as it could signify sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is the temporal pause in breathing. Most times, it happens several times during sleep

This over-stresses the heart. The stress, if it persists over time could trigger a heart problem. The best bet here is to talk to a doctor who would study your sleep pattern. The result will guide on how you will get help.

  • A Persistent CoughThe lean belly breakthrough

I should point out that this is not usually a cause for concern. Yet people who have a heart issue should not ignore a persistent cough. People at high risk of a faulty heart should not ignore this as well.

The kind of a cough produces pink or white mucus. It could be a pointer to a faulty heart. This is often the case when the heart is not able to meet the body’s demand. As a result of this, blood leaks to the lung which triggers a cough. In this case, asking your medical practitioner for help is a good idea.

  • You Feel Dizzy and Lightheaded

Have it in mind that a lot of things could make one lose balance. This might result in temporal fainting which occurs sometimes with an empty tummy.

It could also sometimes be a symptom of heart disease. This occurs with a sudden feeling of unsteadiness. Thus, this unsteadiness is often accompanied by shortness of breath or chest discomfort. It is a good idea to get in touch with a shrink right away.

It could be a sign of a very low blood pressure. This occurs due to the inability of the heart to pump blood as expected.

  • Chest DiscomfortThe lean belly breakthrough

This, without a doubt, is the most common sign of a faulty heart. Having a blocked artery or heart attack could trigger pain, tightness or pressure in the heart. It may give a burning or pinching sensation which occurs for a couple of minutes. The best bet is to seek help by calling a doctor immediately.

Readers should keep in mind that not all heart problems come with chest pain. This is common in women. Thus, one should address any one or all the above as soon as possible. Bear in mind it could be the difference between life and death!