Why Does Android Lollipop Has Google Account Verification for Factory Reset?

The android Lollipop is one of the latest versions of the android operating system. Along with many improvements are security features that make android phones stronger in terms of mobile phone security. One of these features is the Google account verification that should be done before a factory reset is made.

Factory reset simply means reverting a phone back to its original state when it was first bought in terms of the apps, software, and everything within the phone, not including the hardware side of course.

The Google account verification is always a part of the factory reset procedure and cannot be skipped. Although it can be skipped for new phones especially if you have a new phone and you still do not have a Google account.

What this means is that when some steals or phone or gains unauthorized access into your phone, he or she will be unable to factory reset it because he or she does not know any Google accounts previously logged into your phone.

The Google account verification has now become a legal requirement in various countries and regions. In California, for example, the manufacturers or producers of phones are required to offer theft protection to their customers in a way that phones should be locked before the users can authenticate the phones themselves. This feature is called a kill switch and is incorporated in Android devices starting from version 5.0 Lollipop. The feature is carried on to later android versions such as the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

In order to get through with the Google account verification, you should log into a Google account previously used in the phone. Otherwise, you will not be able to proceed with the factory reset.

However, if for some reason you forgot your Google account password or if you have bought the phone from a third party who does not know the Google account anymore, then you should Bypass Google account. With this, you will still be able to log into the phone without having to input a Google account previously associated with the phone.

You may bypass Google account verification either by using an application that would bypass the verification or by following a series of steps that will eventually lead to you being able to access the phone and factory reset it as long as you want to.

There are many methods and techniques that you can follow to be able to bypass Google account verification. One of the most effective ones are located in the website which can visit by clicking the link above. Just make sure to follow the steps one by one and carefully so that your endeavor would be successful.


Bypass Google Account with Application or Manual Method


With the update of the android version to 5.0, the Factory Reset Protection has been introduced into smartphones with the said operating system. This resulted to people having difficult access to their phones when they only buy it from third parties or when they forget their Google accounts after factory resetting their phones.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the aforementioned problem. You may now Bypass Google account with either an application or by using the manual method of bypassing. Such methods are discussed below.

Via an Application

There are many apps that you can download in order to bypass google account verification. One such app is the FRP tool unlocker application. This tool can be used for Android versions 5.1 and above. With such an application, you may be able to access your phone once again after factory resetting it even after you have forgotten your Google account email and password as well.

Via the Manual Method

To bypass google account verification in your android phone using the manual method, follow the steps outlined below.

After factory resetting a phone, connect it to an available Wifi network. A preferred network is a home network. In the next screen, you will be prompted to input any Google account previously associated with the phone. Tap your finger into the text field where you must input the Google account. This will prompt the keyboard to appear on screen.

Tap and hold your finger on the “@” button until menu comes up on the screen. This is the settings menu. From the settings menu, select Google Keyboard Settings. At the top part of the screen, you will see either three dots or a more. This may depend on what version or operating system of android you are using. Tap on this.

Choose Help and Feedback. From here, choose any item in the list that will be shown on screen. You should then long press any text on the screen. After that, you will find a Websearch option at the upper right part of the screen. Click on it. A searchfield will come up on screen. It already has text inside but you have to delete it.

You should type “Settings” in the text field. Select “About Phone” then tap on the build number 7 consecutive times so that you will be directed to the developer options. You should now return to the previous menu. Here, you should open the developer option. Allow the OEM unlocking option and then tap back or return two times.

Restart your smart phone or mobile device. Connect to the Wifi once again. You will be surprised that the phone will no longer ask you to input a Google account previously logged into the phone. Instead, it will ask you to create a new Google account for the phone.

Elements That Will Assist You In Making A User-Friendly Web Design South Jersey

Web Design South Jersey

What Is A Web Design?

As a matter of fact, the website design means to make, plan and modernize on sites. It also engages user-interface, site arrangement, site layout, fonts, colors, imagery, contrasts, and much much more. Internet sites are created collectively by all of these facets. A site design is more than just the illustration feature. But, it is extra than that. The designing comprises extra facets like user habits, navigation sense, usability, and many other fads which would assist in locating the information more rapidly on the website. It also aspires to make the practice simpler so that everybody can draw on it.

It also engages gathering of thoughts and positioning them aesthetically. The formed end web pages can be accessed by the end users. Consequently one requires making sure that the website design is plain.

The Elements That Will Assist You In Making A User-Friendly Website:

The listed below are some elements that will assist you in making a user-friendly Web Design South Jersey.

Web Design South Jersey

  • Accumulating Pertinent Multimedia:

Accumulating the suitable video and audio will assist the end users to comprehend the web content in a simpler and faster way. This would stimulate the end users to splurge additional time on the website.

  • Appropriate Navigation:

Menus, website structural design and the other utensils should be based on how an end user browses through a website. It must be such that the end user can browse simply on the website.

  • It Must Also Be Interactive:

An interactive user interface adds to the amount of the end user participation. You can do so by accumulating in a statement part. You can also build in newsletter sign-ups and email forms so that they can be acquainted more about you.

  • It Must Also Be Compatible:

The web page must be intended in such a way that it can carry out evenly on diverse browsers and operating systems. That will assist you to increase more amount of views thus escalating your website traffic.

  • Usage Of The Latest Technology:

Using the newest technologies gives the professional Web Design South Jersey designers the sovereignty to innovate and test. It also lets the design to be proficient and new every time.

You just need to make sure that the design is user-friendly so that the end user does not have to splurge extra time looking for the requisite information.

Also, the web content present on the website must be of good eminence. The design and the web content work hand in hand to boost the information via visuals and text. The content on the website must be of better quality and must at all the times be helpful and pertinent. It must be such that it does not puzzle the visitors and gives them the facts that they have been searching for. In addition, the text must be optimized so that your website can be found by the utmost amount of natives.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Appvn App

AppVn Store isn’t accessible on Play store. It is not available on Play store. In such cases, Appvn for iOS app store has to be the very first choice. In these instances, it has to be the very first option. Moreover, there are just a few app stores obtainable for iOS platform.

appvn store
Apple app shop is quite strict regarding the apps readily available on app shop. It’s a third-party store with a large selection of apps. It’s a third party shop and provides you access to a lot of customization options together with paid apps at no cost.

Where to Find Appvn App

You only need to install Appvn app and then you’re prepared to browse it. All in all, the Appvn app is truly valuable and useful app. Overall, the Appvn app is quite valuable and useful app. Now, installing the Appvn ios app wasn’t a major deal right. There is a multitude of apps it’s possible to download for free using Appstorevn like the and the most recent Pokemon Appvn too.
Make sure you follow the precise procedure accordingly for the type of device you’re using. Android users benefit a lot in regards to this issue. The Android users hold the maximum proportion of downloads and it’s also the most flexible platform with respect to Software basis.
Once you open this application, You might confuse with language. This application can be set up on ios devices too. As it is not available on Play store, We must depend on external sources to get this application. The most renowned application is BlueStacks. There’s an exact simple means to find this application on your PC. You may get all applications which vary from education to entertainment. It’s possible to receive all applications that range from education to entertainment.
The app is about $2, but there’s also a completely free version on the internet that you can fool around with. There is just a single approach to acquire this app on your Windows mobile. This app is basically created for idevices. This app is basically meant for idevices. All these planning apps are superb, in case you have no less than a general idea of the locations you’re likely to be shooting, but you first need to learn where the most photogenic spots are. There’s an absolutely free desktop app if you prefer to find out what it’s about. There are a few fantastic iPhone apps which may help you to really step up your huge camera photography game in double moment.
AppVN apk is among the most effective third-party stores and it provides you access to a huge world of amazing apps. This Appvn APK might help you receive all those for free. By this if you would like any app you’ll be able to download from this app and save a bit of money. You are able to launch it whenever you wish to learn more about the massive assortment of some really fine apps and tweaks.

It is also possible to try mios Haimawan app to become paid applications free of charge. If you’re looking for a few awesome third party apps or premium apps at no cost, you can download App-vn.com apk. This app store could a wonderful platform for the two developers and users to fulfill their requirements.

Introducing the Doulci Activator

Recently Apple gave an update to its mobile operating system, iOS. In the latest update of iOS, now iOS 10, Apple introduced a rather disturbing security feature. Previously, all Apple devices would face a temporary lock down, if the user was unable to enter the correct pin that was assigned to open the device. As of this present scenario, not only does an Apple device get locked if the user enters an incorrect pin, all the data that is stored locally in the device also gets erased. On top of this, before the data is erased, it is not synced to the iCloud, which is a cloud storage for all of Apple’s devices.

Apple has repeatedly said that this is a security feature introduced in response to the increasing cases of phone thefts, but many people from all parts of the globe are falling prey to this, either knowingly and unknowingly. As a result of this, they are being forced to dump their devices or sell them in other countries at dirt cheap prices. This is an issue that is angering Apple’s consumers and therefore decreasing their sales as well. As of now, the company has not offered a permanent solution and therefore, we at Doulci, have built one for you.

The Doulci Activator

The Doulci Activators is a new software which was made in retaliation to the increasing number of cases, where innocent people are falling prey to the latest iOS 10’s security features. In this update, not only are people having all their data lost, they are also being denied access to the iCloud. The Doulci Activator aims to change this.

The Doulci Activators is a product of endless hours of coding and dedication. This online based software, asks for the user’s email address and device type, and then connects you to Apple’s servers. From there, it breaks into the server and allows you to reset your password and regain access to your precious data. We guarantee that this method is completely fail proof and that you will not be disappointed on using it. For using this software, you neither need to download it to your PC or smartphone, as it is completely cloud based. The software has been made as secure as possible, and therefore, it does not ask for any of your key data, except your email address and device type, and also these are stored nowhere.

The software has been made to render a way to those who have fell victim to it unknowingly. The use of this software to illegally break into any device is completely the terms of usage, and the same can be found in our website. The company in no way takes any responsibility for the damages that may happen due to the use of this software. It should be taken into consideration, that the Apple device in which the software is to be used, may be under monitoring and therefore it is advised that the user takes full responsibility for it.


The Doulci Activators is a free and effective solution to a long-standing problem. Not only is it free and hassle free to use, it is also, secure and therefore it is the number one choice of many and their testimonials can be found below. We recommend that you use our online tool, and regain access to your device today!