Fitness training plan without equipment

fitness training plan

Have you come across Google and are you ready for getting started with fitness workouts with your own body weight?

Then you should first study the fitness training plan below and then follow it through. With a training plan that is not only a perfect addition for runners and endurance athletes.

Fitness training plan for two weeks

Here comes your first training plan – it will keep you in breath for 2 weeks. If the benefits of the training without equipment have made you curious, you should also look at the overview of the complete 10-week muscle training without devices.

Prerequisites for training with your own body weight

How much experience do you have with fitness training? Are you a beginner, intermediate, professional?

No matter what level you are, you will be able to start with this training concept. The exercises are arranged so that beginners can perform them.

If the exercises are too easy for you, take the structure of the training plan and replace the indicated exercises with a more challenging variation.

Important: keep the category, Do not substitute a leg exercise with an exercise for the thoracic muscles. Instead of lying supports or pull-ups you can – if you really want to know – increase the difficulty so long until you feel enough demand – and if you have the one-armed lie support or pull-out pull, then you are just the one-armed variant.

After you have picked up a virtual HighFive from me.

Exercising rhythm during muscle building without equipment

The plan consists of 4 training sessions per week, which each require 30 minutes. This gives you a total training time of only 120 minutes per week. The excuse “no time” does not pull!

By the way, it is normal, if it is particularly good or even bad at some days. Do not let it frustrate you! The rule “three steps forward and one back, four steps ahead and two back …” also applies to strength training, as with most things in life. Our body simply can not become permanent and linear like a machine ever faster, better, stronger.

The plan is designed for a total of 10 weeks and is periodized so that high-intensity activities alternate with less demanding training days and weeks. So your body never gets routine, and you rely on optimal muscle growth.

The first two weeks are less intense, but you train with a fairly high volume – so many repetitions. Let yourself be surprised how it goes on in week 3