Bypass Google Account with Application or Manual Method


With the update of the android version to 5.0, the Factory Reset Protection has been introduced into smartphones with the said operating system. This resulted to people having difficult access to their phones when they only buy it from third parties or when they forget their Google accounts after factory resetting their phones.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the aforementioned problem. You may now Bypass Google account with either an application or by using the manual method of bypassing. Such methods are discussed below.

Via an Application

There are many apps that you can download in order to bypass google account verification. One such app is the FRP tool unlocker application. This tool can be used for Android versions 5.1 and above. With such an application, you may be able to access your phone once again after factory resetting it even after you have forgotten your Google account email and password as well.

Via the Manual Method

To bypass google account verification in your android phone using the manual method, follow the steps outlined below.

After factory resetting a phone, connect it to an available Wifi network. A preferred network is a home network. In the next screen, you will be prompted to input any Google account previously associated with the phone. Tap your finger into the text field where you must input the Google account. This will prompt the keyboard to appear on screen.

Tap and hold your finger on the “@” button until menu comes up on the screen. This is the settings menu. From the settings menu, select Google Keyboard Settings. At the top part of the screen, you will see either three dots or a more. This may depend on what version or operating system of android you are using. Tap on this.

Choose Help and Feedback. From here, choose any item in the list that will be shown on screen. You should then long press any text on the screen. After that, you will find a Websearch option at the upper right part of the screen. Click on it. A searchfield will come up on screen. It already has text inside but you have to delete it.

You should type “Settings” in the text field. Select “About Phone” then tap on the build number 7 consecutive times so that you will be directed to the developer options. You should now return to the previous menu. Here, you should open the developer option. Allow the OEM unlocking option and then tap back or return two times.

Restart your smart phone or mobile device. Connect to the Wifi once again. You will be surprised that the phone will no longer ask you to input a Google account previously logged into the phone. Instead, it will ask you to create a new Google account for the phone.